Our approach

Our approach

Our working method for your move

Would you like to know exactly where you stand during your move? Understandable, check out our working method for a carefree move.

1. Application

Fill in the quotation form without any obligation.
With this you provide us in less than 5 minutes with all the necessary information to perfectly map out your move. We will then contact you to make an appointment for a quotation.

It is also possible to move at our advantageous rates on an hourly basis, please contact us for more information.


2. Non-binding Quotation

To take stock of your move and make sure it goes as well and smoothly as possible, we almost always visit you in advance to make you a suitable offer without any obligation. This way, you as a customer immediately know where you stand.

You have a lot to arrange around your move, so we make sure you receive a quotation as soon as possible. This way, you can quickly get on with taking care of other matters. If you have any questions about the quote or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. The move

If you pack everything yourself, we will be ready to load and transfer everything at the desired time on the day of your move. If you want even more convenience, we can also arrange the packing and disassembly of furniture for you.

Preferably on the day before the move, but everything is possible in consultation. In any case, you are assured of a carefree moving day. All your belongings and the removal work are in trusted, professional hands during the entire move.

All your fragile furniture is carefully packed in removal blankets and then sealed. Our removal vans are also fitted with special sofa covers, boxes for paintings and wardrobe boxes.


4. Enjoy your new home

Moving is more than just moving furniture and boxes of your belongings. We therefore consider it important that you quickly feel at home in your new home.

If desired, we will also help you assemble your furniture at the new address.

Have you received moving boxes on loan? We will pick them up again when you have finished unpacking.

Everything Possible

Nothing is too crazy for us! Snelleverhuisbedrijf.nl takes care of a carefree move, from A to B without any stress.

Long Distance Moving Service

We also offer a long distance moving service, schedule now.